The Elanco Hull seal was developed in the 1970s as the first flush sealing seacock, it was also designed to reduce turbulence and drag when sailing.
They were fitted as standard on Hustler and UFO yachts and on several others, including early Oysters. Elanco Hull Seals are made from gunmetal (bronze), though an aluminium version was fitted to some high performance yachts

Spare parts and complete valves are still available from Landamores.

















Servicing Advice for owners

  • Hull Seals should not be left open permanently.
  • They should be operated regularly to ensure they remain free.
  • Annually or when hauled out, loosen grub screw in cap, unscrew cap and remove valve from body.
  • Check for signs of corrosion of the stainless shaft, particularly where it joins the plunger
  • .Grease shaft and thread on plunger and re-assemble.
  • If necessary, replace shaft (3/8″ diameter 316 stainless steel rod).

Aluminium Hull Seals
More frequent servicing will be required to combat corrosion of the aluminium parts.


Spare Parts

Common Spare Parts
Seal kit (3 neoprene seals & 2 O-rings)
Plunger & Shaft assembly

Other parts



How to Order Spare Parts

To order parts, please contact us, stating size required (3/4″ or 1.5″)

Size Notes
There are only 2 sizes:
EH1 for 3/4″ hose
EH2 for 1.5″ hose
Original versions of the 1.5″ have a larger hose tail and it can be a struggle to get hose on. Later it was reduced and is ribbed as in the 3D view. The earlier one is plain as in the 2D diagram.
The 3/4″ all have a plain tail which is nearly 1″OD.