Landamores are expert riggers and have extensive experience in wire and rope work for all types of boat. We supply and fit guard rails and provide a full rigging service for new builds. We will also make replacement halyards, sheets, stays or shrouds for you.

Guard Rails

Landamores will make and fit wire or rod guard rails to all types of craft using stainless steel Sta-lok fittings. There are two types of wire guard rail systems available; our standard system uses rigging screws (or turnbuckles) to tension the rails, or we can use tension forks, which are ingeniously designed to be tensioned without a rigging screw, giving a sleeker appearance.

Standing Rigging

Our riggers will provide a full service if you have a new boat to rig, or are replacing your full rig. We are also happy to help with replacement stays and shrouds, whether running or standing.

Replacement rigging can be made up using the old ones as a guide, just drop off (or send us) your old shrouds or stays and we’ll do the rest. We can roll swage or talurit wire up to 8mm diameter and hand splice wire or rope (braided or 3 strand). We hold stock of most common ropes and wire including plastic coated wire for guardrails. 

Running Rigging and Mooring Ropes

We stock a range of ropes that are commonly used and can make up halyards, sheets and mooring ropes to your requirements. Rope ends can be spliced, whipped, heat sealed, or heat shrinked as required.

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