Landamores has had an exciting year ….. Our 100th Anniversary.   Ted (Edward) Landamore, my Great Grandad, had a passion for the waterways.  

Born and brought up in Norfolk, his delight for all things Norfolk, in particular, The Broads, steered him into creating E.C.Landamore.   A business which was to grow our entire family!

Starting with a few rowing boats, a little half-decker but also a beautiful small motor launch called ‘Amy’ he had big dreams.  Situated on the River Bure, Wroxham  Great-Grandad was very determined which led to the next stage of a workshop where he could do his repairs and keep the boats sound.

Then here we are celebrating 100 years in business.  A boatyard in Wroxham & Hoveton, Norfolk which is still owned and managed by our family, The Landamores.  

Sometimes people follow in the footpaths of the ‘family tradition’ as a duty and an expectation that is what they should do.   For our family, the passion my Great Grandad had all those years ago and his love of the waterways of Norfolk and beyond has given us a desire to keep the old boats going strong.  Through our experienced renovations, love and care we have some amazing projects we are working on and are so excited to see the beautiful boats back on the water in all their glory.

Jenny Mickleburgh