Beautiful Norfolk Broads

Sustainability of our environment

A day on the boat is a fabulous way to relax and enjoy our beautiful waterways.  We have incredible marine wildlife and part of our love for the water is seeing the beautiful creatures as we travel along the water. 

So what can you do to take care of our marine wildlife?


As we are starting to enjoy our boats again after the winter, this is also the breeding time for many birds and marine life.   On the Norfolk Broads we have a huge array of rare and endangered species.  As you travel along, it may be tempting to get closer for a better look which can cause great distress to the wildlife.  If you enjoy watching the birds and mammals, keep a couple of pairs of binoculars in the boat, you’ll probably get to see them even better but without being too close.

Speed on the waterways

The speed limits are marked on our waterways but if you are unsure, the general principle is go at a slow and safe speed which gives you time to take action if needed.   Our waterways can be busy so you may need to navigate around other craft;  you may come across birds on the water which you need to keep a distance from or you may see nesting birds which you’d like to use those binoculars to see. 

Observing the wildlife

Whilst these animals are in breeding season and introducing their babies into life, remember you are probably not the only ones who want to sit and watch them.  Enjoy them, but they need some peace and quiet as well.    If a family of birds, swans, ducks turn up next your boat unexpectedly, give them a little bit of time to decide when they will move on.  Don’t be tempted to follow them or steer through them.   They will move, they may just need a minute to decide where to go next.  

Our waterways and wildlife are precious and the things that give us all great enjoyment on our boats.    Stay safe and be kind to our environment.      

See our feature on Electric Boats which provide the quietest and most environmentally friendly way to enjoy the water.

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