Hoveton Waterway outside Landamores Boat Yard

Why Electric?

The significant increase in awareness and desire to look after our environment is such an important basis for people to consider how they live.  More than ever there is so much commitment to helping protect wildlife and our Country, through campaigns to protect our coastlines, reduce littering and the dumping of waste at sea to name just a few projects.

The rise and move to electric marine is another way in which the quality of our waterways can support and enhance our environment.   Here we look at those benefits.

Atmosphere & Water:

Electric boats do not pump harmful substances into the atmosphere such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons, meaning they are emissions-free at the point of use. Of course, how you source the electricity is important, but perhaps that’s for another day…?.   Combustion engines release so many pollutants through exhaust fumes, which not only affect the quality of water and air pollution but can also be unpleasant for the passengers and noisy.

The Royal Yacht Association has a ‘Green Blue Initiative’ in conjunction with British Marine.   The aim is to provide awareness and guidance on how to enjoy our waterways in an environmentally sustainable way.

What changes (or not!) to expect with an electric motor:

The great thing about moving to electric boating is it not only helps with removing the emissions aspects of the water and atmosphere but also gives a more peaceful boating experience with a quieter motor.

How long with the batteries last?

With modern batteries that have been correctly specified, there is no need to worry about range, i.e. how long your batteries will last between charges. And when it comes to power, there’s no need to worry because electric motors come in a range of powers and it’s easy to pick the one that will suit you and will run efficiently.

An interesting fact to finish:

Electric boats are not a new invention.  The Thames River saw its first electric commercial river launch in 1882!  Yes, 1882. A steel boat just short of 25 foot and created by the ‘Electric Power Storage Company and named ‘Electricity’. Not exactly an inspirational name!

If you are considering changing to electric, either to purchase or have your current boat converted we are happy to give you help and guidance.  Just give us a call.

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