The world of electric boating has been going full throttle since the late 80s when the Frolic 21 electric launch hit the inland water ways of the United Kingdom. The boat was developed as an Edwardian styled day launch to use on inland waters, specifically the River Thames, where you can see them cruising throughout the year. The Frolic 21’s counter stern hull creates the perfect hull form for low wash and high efficiency, making it ideal for electric propulsion. Truly one of the first successful electric boats.

Frolic 21
Frolic 21 – Electric Boat

Landamores are taking advantage of the updated electric propulsion packages available to build this luxury electric boat. Hand made in the UK, the Frolic 21 can be built in many forms, with a large range of finishes available to suit every owner. As with any Landamores build, the Frolic 21 is semi-custom modern classic!

Whether you need any more information on the Frolic 21 or wish to tell us about your boat, please do get in touch and let the iconic design continue.

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